Decorative Door Curtains

Decorative door curtains, slat-type, are available in different materials, plastic curtains, curtains with wood pearl beaded, wooden or bamboo curtains.


Vouillemin can provide an important variety of beautiful high-quality decorative door curtains. We can also produces decorative door curtains based on your own requirements.


Our decorative door curtains are ready to be fixed.


These bug blinds, fly blinds, strip blinds curtain prevent insects, like flies, bees, mosquitoes...


With a decorative door curtain, they can't enter your house while the doors are opened. Let's the air in and keeps the bugs out!


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Sorghum Capri
Door Curtain in sorghum Strap Door Curtain Capri


Knots Lasso
Door Curtain Knots Door Curtain Lasso


Lumina Maize / Corn
Translucid Door Curtain Lumina Door Decoration Curtain made of Maïs


Door Curtain Riviera made of Plastic Beads Decoration Door Curtain Ropes


Scala Strings
Door Curtain for Home Decoration Scala Door Curtain Strings


Sweety Wood
Door Curtain Sweety Door Curtain Wood


Door Curtain Castor

Decorative Door Curtains with Illustrations


Decor In Decor PVC
Door Curtain Decor In Door Curtains with Images