Import-Export and Logistics B2B Services

Vouillemin pays particular attention to its partnership with customers and can adapt to any situation, taking its particularities into account:

  • We assist and guide you in the concept and design of your products.
  • We guarantee quality products and original packaging.
  • We develop your own distribution label.
  • We guarantee a continual follow-up of your products in each phase of production.

B2B services

  • Product concept and design.
  • Packaging concept.
  • Partnership with customers, manufacturers and packagers.
  • Raw materials purchase.
  • Production organization, control and implementation.
  • Development and regular quality control of a product range.
  • Storage and stock management…

These are the Business-to-Business services Vouillemin can offer.

Raw materials unpacking

The raw materials purchase, discharging and unpacking are controlled, which is important in the development of the production stages.

Packaging and labelling

Individual packaging and labelling is one of the key elements in the different development stages of your product.

Your product is unique, making standard packaging impossible.
Vouillemin will guarantee packaging to match your requirements as well as those of your product.

Packaging and shipping

Your products will be packaged in function of your requirements.
We can also take care of the loading and shipping to your wholesalers and customers.

Easy access to our warehouse for your trucks or carriers…