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visit our complete catalog


Decorative door curtains

We have a very important collection of decorative door curtains:

- Plastic curtains
- Bamboo curtains
- Beaded curtains
- Wood curtains
- Maize / corn curtains
- Strings curtains


Fly screens

Vouillemin offers various fly screens either bulk or on frames for doors and windows:

- Door fly screens
- Door insects screen with magnets
- Skylight, Rooflight (Velux™) screens
- Precut fly screens with velcro™ style fixing strips
- Anti-pollen net to reduce allergies
- XXL / Extra-Large door fly screens


Sunshade sails and Garden

Premium quality shade sails (a.k.a. solar tents) made of high quality materials, ultra-violets (UV) and weather resistants.

An eleguant protection, easy and quick to install in your garden, to create a pleasant space away from the sun.

Our shade sails are triangular or rectangular either in beige or gray.
We also have a one-pole tent/canopy and patio garden sidewall sunshade sail.

All parts are included in the carrying bag.



Vouillemin has a wide variety of commercial and residential weather stripping materials and insulation products to improve energy efficiency in your home. It is an effective seal against heat loss and drafts.

- Door bottoms sweeps
- Premium weather strippings materials
- Draft stoppers / dodgers / blockers / guards
- Insulation foam strips and rolls
- Door and window strippings
- Insulating aluminium foils
- Transparent window foils


Felts and protection

Several types of houseware/homeware protections for furnitures, walls and floors:

- Nail-on glides and screw-on glides
- Furniture protecting leg tips and cups
- Protecting felt pads
- Door stoppers
- Table corner cushion guards


Miscellaneous items

Various kinds of products, materials and tools to protect your delicate floors, furniture and all your houseware during a relocation, duty works, painting or for package shipping.

- Packaging tapes and rolls
- Utility tape dispensers
- Corrugated fiberboards / cardboards
- Kraft packaging paper rolls
- Non woven recycled moving blankets
- Utility knives / cutters / markers / sisal ropes
- Stretch protective wrapping films
- Bubble wraps and protective foam films


Adhesive Utility Tapes

An important range of professional high-quality utility tapes:

- Adhesive masking tapes
- Aluminium foil tapes
- Packing tapes
- Adhesive double-sided tapes
- Adhesive duct tapes
- Crack-cover mesh tapes